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Effective and engaging digital collaboration (ONLINE interactive workshop)

Tuesday 16th Jun 2020 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Online - Zoom

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*Interactive and participatory workshop *



Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by online meetings and managing conferencing technologies?

Wanting ideas on how to make online collaborations more engaging and effective?

Needing to still deliver your water projects and engage with all stakeholders in this new environment?

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a transition to increased online engagement and changed the way water professionals work. This comes with challenges and opportunities. In response to this, Clearwater is offering an online collaboration workshop to support water practitioners successfully deliver their projects and initiatives while working in an online environment. This is an interactive event; you will be encouraged to share your online challenges and experiences.

Skills you will gain from this workshop:

  • Tips and hints for facilitating engaging and energising digital collaboration and generating active participation
  • Building technical/digital resilience and exploring how to thrive/survive longer-than-one-hour online meetings
  • Exposure to digital collaboration tools for large technical projects (beyond video conferencing)
  • Learn online energiser techniques for professionals, that you might also enjoy with your family and friends

We have designed the session as a 3-hour online workshop. If you feel tired at the mere thought of it, then we encourage you to join us - we will show you that it is not about the length of an event but how it is delivered. Digital events can be fun, energising and effective and we hope to equip you with new ideas and skills you will want to apply in your work and your online socialising. Note this is not a webinar but an interactive event / live online workshop.

We understand that everyone is busy at this time. If you are interested in this session but are unable to attend the full event, we still encourage you to register and the event facilitators will work with your available time.

Session facilitators:

This event will be delivered by Ross Allen (Three Seeds Agency) and Simone Maus (Collective Insight). Together, Ross and Simone bring a deep understanding of the water sector and extensive facilitation and online engagement experience


Relevant to everyone working remotely participating in online meetings and events


12 June 2020


p: 9679 7711
e: info@clearwatervic.com.au


Note on registration fee: Clearwater has heavily subsidised the registration cost of this half day workshop in light of the urgent industry need for these skills in these unprecedented times. We have levelised the costs in acknowledgement of the current financial pressures on private industry. If your organisation or business has had considerable financial impacts and the registration cost is a challenge please contact us to discuss.