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Masterclass series 2018 Spring - 4 masterclasses (Horsham) - Early Bird

Monday 29th Oct 2018 - Tuesday 20th Nov 2018 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Horsham Town Hall
71 Pynsent St, Horsham, Victoria, 3400

Registrations are now closed

Clearwater’s Masterclass Series: Building the capacity of professionals across Victoria to deliver resilient and liveable cities and towns through integrated place-based planning.

This for participants who want to register for all 4 masterclasses at once and benefit from the Early Bird 4 for 3 deal:

Masterclass 1: Planning for resilient and liveable cities and towns

Masterclass 2: Building a successful business case

Masterclass 3: Collaboration – within and outside your organisation

Masterclass 4: Communication and influence