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Stormwater Harvesting: Concept & Design

Thursday 5th Jul 2012 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Karstens Conference Rooms
123 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

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This one day training course, developed in partnership with Monash’s Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, will introduce you with the concepts required to design an effective stormwater harvesting project.

The session will feature insights into stormwater harvesting guidelines, latest research on the performance of stormwater treatment technologies, conceptual design and costs associated with stormwater harvesting systems. The course will include practical design exercises to develop the conceptual design of a stormwater harvesting system for a (i) greenfield and (ii) retrofit situation.

This stormwater harvesting training course builds on Clearwater’s Stormwater Harvest and Reuse course by providing the latest research into stormwater treatment technologies and conceptual designs as recommended by the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities at Monash University.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the importance of evaluating and managing risks and be able to do this through the selection of appropriate treatment and usage of water according to current guidelines
  • Have an understanding of the outcomes of the latest research on the performance of stormwater treatment technologies for pollutants (including pathogens and persistent chemicals)
  • Understand how to plan for and apply technologies for stormwater collection, treatment and storage
  • Know of the latest conceptual design solutions for lot, street and precinct stormwater harvesting projects
  • Understand costs associated with stormwater harvesting systems (both life cycle costs and total community costs)
  • Have applied design knowledge to practical case studies

Ideal for environmental planners, designers and engineers from government or commercial organisations needing an introduction to stormwater harvesting.

Workshop presenters: 
Jonathon McLean
Dale Browne 

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided

Friday 29 June

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