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What is Alliance for Water Stewardship?

Tuesday 5th Mar 2019 1:30PM - 2:30PM

Melbourne Water office
990 La Trobe Street, Docklands, Victoria, 3008

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The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is a global multi-stakeholder organisation comprising businesses, government and non-government organisations. The AWS's mission is to protect and enhance the sustainability of water resources through water stewardship. The AWS approach to water stewardship is embodied in the International Water Stewardship Standard, also known as the AWS Standard. The AWS Standard is a globally applicable framework that drives, recognises, and rewards good water management practices.

AWS Asia-Pacific is a founding member and regional partner of AWS. AWS Asia-Pacific leads the development of water stewardship in the region by training, advising, and supporting organisations in implementing water stewardship. Our staff are currently based in Australia, China and Indonesia. Melbourne Water are members of AWS and support the Building a Water Stewardship Community in the Westernport program that is engaging sites (30+ so far) across the Westernport catchment in water stewardship.


Utilities, and particularly Melbourne Water with its dual water supply and waterway management responsibilities, have a unique role and opportunity with water stewardship.

The objectives of this seminar are to:

  • Introduce water stewardship to Melbourne Water staff across all relevant business groups; Customer and Strategy, Integrated Planning, Service Delivery, Waterways and Land, Wholesale Services. But, all are welcome!
  • Present progress and outcomes of the Building a Water Stewardship Community in the Westernport program
  • Present our work in Kunshan, China, where AWS are engaging the district’s biggest polluters in water stewardship
  • Q&A workshop about opportunities for AWS to support Melbourne Water objectives through water stewardship


Megan McLeod, Chief Operating Officer, AWS Asia-Pacific

Megan has been with AWS Asia-Pacific for over 5 years, since before the AWS Standard was launched. Megan has managed development and delivery of AWS training in Australia and been an advisor on world-leading water stewardship projects, including the Building a Water Stewardship Community in the Westernport and the Renmark Irrigation Trust (RIT) water stewardship program.


Lance Lloyd, Program Coordinator, Western Port Biosphere

Our project, being led by Western Port Biosphere in collaboration with AWS Asia-Pacific, Ingham Enterprises, and a group of regional stakeholders is aiming to build collaboration between major water users, the community, water agencies, local government and other stakeholders around the framework of the International Water Stewardship Standard.


Sally Ge, Project Officer China, AWS Asia-Pacific

Sally has been with AWS Asia-Pacific since 2018 based in Shanghai. This follows previous experience with China Desalination Association in Beijing, mainly in charge of cooperation with the China Europe Water Platform, and placement experience with Atkins in the U.K. Sally is working with AWS Asia-Pacific Regional Director Zhenzhen Xu to deliver AWS technical services in China.



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