AWA Australian Water Survey

For many Australians water is only a topic thought or talked about during a drought or a flood. It’s usually something only brought up in conversation when water is contaminated or supply is low. Water is something we use every single day for many aspects of our lives, so why don’t we think about the importance of it more often? How confident can we be that all Australians will have water security in the future? How confident are you that the government will ensure water security for all Australians in the future?

The Australian Water Association and Arup have partnered to undertake their annual national survey of attitudes towards water to ensure that Australia has a sustainable water future. The information provided will assist in driving policy and engaging communities to help make sure water is readily available and protected.

The information collected from the Survey will be collated into a final report to be released in October 2016, and will include dedicated water industry and community sections as well as a comparison between the two groups’ views.

The Survey is open until 19 August to all Australians and is an opportunity to have your voice heard - visit