Award winning program reimagines our urban creeks

Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water's Reimaging Your Creek program has been working with stakeholders and the community to design and restore sections of existing waterways back to their natural form. The objective is to transform stormwater drains and creeks into natural waterways and desirable open spaces, where people can interact with nature in cooler, healthier environments.

Stakeholders were asked what features they value in existing waterways and what changes they would like to see to naturalise waterways and make the areas treasured community locations. This approach enables the community to influence designs to meet their needs and preferences. Designs are then informed by local knowledge, community values and priorities.

Construction is now completed on Arnold's Creek in Melton West and Blind Creek in Boronia and Stage 1 works have commenced in Tarralla Creek in Croydon.

The Reimagining Your Creek program recently won the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Victoria Award of Excellence for Infrastructure. Learn more and see clips on both of the completed projects on the Melbourne Water website.