Challenges at Energy-Water-Carbon Intersections

Clearwater / PMSEIC

The Prime Minister’s Science Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC) has released a new expert report, Challenges at Energy-Water-Carbon Intersections.  This report investigates the interplay between energy, water and carbon in human activities and the challenge it presents for mitigating climate change. 

A particular focus is on the intersections between energy for human use, water for human use and carbon as a contributor to human-induced climate change.  Two underpinning concepts within the report is the need for an integrative approach to energy, water and carbon recognising the essential role they have in systems formed through the natural environment and human society. Additionally the report emphasizes the need to develop enhanced resilience and sustainability of our built environments and landscapes. 

The report concludes with 5 key recommendations to address major components of an overall path to energy-water-carbon resilience for Australia. These include the development of consistent accounting and pricing principles for water and electricity as well as the implementation of integrated ‘smart networks’ designed to optimize overall system efficiency and empower users with readily accessible information.  Read more or to view the reports.