Colliban Water launches Assets Map to improve customer access

Coliban Water

Coliban Water has launched an interactive Assets Map which allows customers, contractors and stakeholders to view its water and sewer networks online. The Assets Map will represent a considerable time saving both for the water utility and their customers.

The interactive platform allows quick and easy access for customers, consultants, surveyors, engineers, developers, designers, builders and plumbers to find pipe locations and easements before planning any building works. 

Before the map was launched water and sewer plans had to be requested through the Coliban Customer Support Team. The plans would then be emailed, collected from the office or posted. Coliban averaged more than 1,000 plan requests a month and have started to see the number decrease as more people use the Assets Map.

Features include satellite and topographic views, measuring tools, an interactive layer list for turning on and off assets and a bookmark section to save favourite locations.

The next stage of the development for the Assets Map is to enable users to download PDFs for printing.

To access the map or to find out more, visit the Coliban Water website.