Constructed Wetlands Design Manual Review - open for feedback

Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water is updating the current Constructed Wetlands Guidelines and is seeking your feedback. The design manual aims to deliver best practice wetland designs for treating stormwater and improving urban waterways.

The new version will move away from the guideline to a design manual, containing specific design criteria. Some of the other key changes include:

  • Clear and articulate design acceptance process to help improve wetland designs and when dealing with Melbourne Water;
  • Adopts two review/acceptance pathways rather than attempting to define one pathway that applies to all situations. The recommended pathways are: Deemed to Comply and Alternative approach;
  • Creation of approximately 60 new prescriptive deemed to comply design criteria for wetlands;
  • New tools, templates and forms to assist with designs and the design acceptance process;
  • More emphasis and promotion of an extensive, healthy emergent macrophyte zone in wetlands; and
  • More emphasis on effective and safe maintenance throughout the design process.

To provide feedback on the draft design manual or to learn more visit Melbourne Water's website.

Feedback closes Monday 23 June 2014