CRC for Water Sensitive Cities industry partner workshop

Earlier this month (April 3 and 4) Clearwater's very own Katia Bratieres attended the latest CRC for Water Sensitive Cities  industry partner workshop held in Perth. It was a great opportunity for water sensitive cites champions and enthusiasts to network, exchange ideas, showcase projects and get excited about the latest research findings.

The main focus point for this workshop was to invite all attendees to reflect on each other's perspectives: for researchers to understand the priorities and opportunities of practitioners and vice versa, but also for all to appreciate the importance of different contexts between practitioners.  The first morning was therefore dedicated to hearing from a range of practitioners from NSW and WA. 

Throughout the 2-day workshop, the research teams shared some of their progress with the participants. Researchers from Programs A, B and C (Society, Water Sensitive Urbanism and Future Technologies respectively) gave an overview of their program and focussed on one or two projects in particular. Among other things, we heard about strategies for influencing the political dynamics of decision making, nutrient transport in groundwater/surface water systems, and pathogens in stormwater and their removal by biofilters. Program updates also included insights from partner organisations in the form of case studies, such as Victoria's strategic direction for transitioning to water sensitive cities, Vegetating the Urban Fabric in Subiaco (WA), and Smart metering in Karlgoorlie-Boulder (WA).

But it wasn't all relaxing, as participants were asked to contribute to the research: Project B5.1 researchers held a session around statutory and strategic planning for Water Sensitive Urban Design, and Program D (Adoption Pathways) hosted a very entertaining and inspiring workshop asking for input into the Communication and Adoption Strategy (currently in preparation).

In addition to the fantastic networking and social events hosted by Programs E and F (Entertainment and Fun), the workshop also provided an opportunity for the recently formed stakeholder advisory sub-committees to meet for the first time. The role of committee representatives is to influence the focus and progress of research projects within each of the 4 Programs.

Overall a great workshop, even though we are still awaiting the nominations for industry representatives for Programs E and F!

For more information on the CRC or to become an industry partner, please visit the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities website.

(Image courtesy of the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities)