eWater changes to MUSIC and launch of MUSICX

IN May eWater launched an upgraded version of MUSIC ( Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation). MUSIC is a tool to predict the performance of stormwater quality management systems. It is intended to help organisations plan and design (at a conceptual level) appropriate urban stormwater management systems for their catchments.

MUSICX brings together MUSIC with Source (Hydrological Modelling Platform). This allows a user to model water sensitive urban design options and the ability to integrate catchment and river system models with small-scale urban water quantity and quality models, for fully integrated water cycle management.

The new MUSICX software allows users to 

• Model stormwater flows, detention and the potential for stormwater harvesting and reuse.

• Estimate diffuse sources of stormwater pollution and downstream water quality impacts

• Model different WSUD treatment options

• Model water balance and compare water quantity, quality and the cost-benefit of different treatment train scenarios.

• Plan and model entire stormwater systems.

MUSICX is a major change /upgrade to the software.  MUSIC 6.3 remains available for use and eWater will continue to provide support services.

To understand more about the new software  you can watch the video on the launch and see answers to the Q & A session following the launch.