Flood Management Strategy Capacity Building Sessions: Unveiling Innovation

Melbourne Water

Flood Management Strategy Capacity Building Sessions: Unveiling Innovation 

Melbourne Water has announced a series of dynamic capacity building sessions aimed at advancing co-delivery of the Flood Management Strategy, Port Phillip and Westernport. Led by industry experts and leaders, these sessions promise to inspire innovation and foster collaboration.

There will be four sessions delivered by Melbourne Water in collaboration with Rain Consulting over June 2024.

Session 1: Adaptive Planning: Explore adaptive planning strategies designed to navigate unpredictable flood scenarios and build resilience within our communities. 

Session 2: Asset Management: Unlock the secrets of asset management with Dr Frédéric Blin, VSA Director - Water and Asset Management at AECOM. Discover strategies for optimising asset performance and ensuring the longevity of critical infrastructure.

Session 3: Innovative Flood Solutions: Delve into cutting-edge flood solutions with Tim Fletcher from the University of Melbourne. From pioneering technologies to ground-breaking research, discover innovative approaches to flood management.

Session 4: Multi-Benefits: Join a thought-provoking discussion on multi-benefit solutions. Explore the intersection of flood management and broader community benefits, uncovering opportunities for sustainable and resilient outcomes.


To receive updates and access past recording of sessions visit Flood Management Strategy Capacity Building | Let's Talk | Melbourne Water to register your interest and join Melboune Water in creating a more flood resilient future.