Have your say in planning Melbourne's future

The Ministerial Advisory Committee has prepared a Discussion Paper called Melbourne, let's talk about the future. The paper has been prepared to prompt debate around the challenges and ideas for Melbourne's future.

The Discussion Paper sets out nine principles to inform the Metropolitan Planning Strategy. Five of these principles identify the outcomes the Strategy needs to address and the remaining four principles outline how these outcomes can be achieved.

In particular of interest is Principle 5: Environmental resilience. This principle focuses on Melbourne's ability to respond to a changing environment and climate into the future. Efficient use of our resources and protection of our natural values remain critical to a healthy community and liveable Melbourne.

Key issues in the paper listed for discussion are the urban heat island effect, energy efficient urban design, lower impact transport, local electricity generation, recycling and reusing water and conservation and biodiversity protection.

What we want to achieve:

  • Principle 1: A distinctive Melbourne
  • Principle 2: A globally connected and competitive city
  • Principle 3: Social and economic participation
  • Principle 4: Strong communities
  • Principle 5: Environmental resilience 

What needs to change:

  • Principle 6: A polycentric city linked to regional cities
  • Principle 7: Living locally - a '20 minute' city

Making it happen:

  • Principle 8: Infrastructure investment that supports city growth
  • Principle 9: Leadership and partnership

Have your say by:

  • completing an online survey
  • participate in the online discussion forum
  • joining the Twitter conversation
  • making a formal written submission. 

All feedback options are available at www.planmelbourne.vic.gov.au/getinvolved and must be made by 5pm 28 March 2013

For more information on the discussion paper and to view the principles, visit: http://www.planmelbourne.vic.gov.au/discussion-paper