Improvements to the Clearwater resource library

Thanks to your feedback, we have made improvements to the Clearwater resource library. We have introduced an advanced resource search engine that contains several filters making finding the right resource more efficient.

New functionality:

  • A new ‘Search resources by theme’ field box is located within the resource library to ensure results display resources only  
  • The ability to search using three filters:
    1. Keyword
    2. Themes - nine themes have been introduced to narrow your search results (i.e. alternative water sources, liveability, waterways and ecosystem health)
    3. Resource types (i.e. case studies, guidelines and strategy)

Content changes:

  • Our newest resource type: Smart Water Fund Projects now contains over 170 research projects - ranging from Stormwater management, water efficiency through to water recycling and resource recovery
  • There have been name changes to resource types to better reflect the content that’s contained within each area.

Contribute to the Clearwater resource library

  • The Clearwate website provides an opportunity for you to share and promote your projects and resources on sustainable urban water management. Our submit a case study form enables you to easily upload and share your case study to the resource library with the option to promote it through our newsletter and other networks.

If you have any questions about these changes or would like to provide feedback, please feel free to contact Clearwater.