IWC Water Leadership Program - Scholarships close 30 June

Scholarships for the 2012/13 round of the IWC Water Leadership Program are now open. Applications can be made on-line until 30 June 2012.

Designed for emerging water leaders at the project to middle management level, this program is customised for the water sector through sound research and collaboration with experienced industry practitioners. The program helps emerging leaders to develop the abilities they need to exert influence, drive change and advance challenging integrated water management projects — abilities associated with the most effective integrated water management leaders.

Clearwater and Melbourne Water - Stormwater Quality Team are supporters of the program, and have provided sponsorship funding. 

Several full ($10,000), half ($5,000) and quarter ($2,500) merit-based scholarships are available in 2012. Scholarships are currently only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents of Australia.