IWM at Knox: Knowledge and Passion - tour report back

On March 3, Clearwater partnered with Knox City Council to run an Integrated Water Management tour in Knox. The tour showcased innovative projects addressing flood mitigation, stormwater harvesting, native vegetation renewal and passive irrigation and the creation of beautiful places where ‘people and water meet’. 

Participants visited Boronia Park, where major works have been completed including the upgrade of a flood retarding basin and its transformation into a treatment wetland. The site now provides useable and engaging public spaces to walk, sit, recreate and educate.

The visit to the Tim Neville Arboretum showcased a major work site currently in construction: This project will provide approximately 25ML per annum of stormwater to irrigate both the arboretum park and the neighbouring Dobson oval.

Other sites on the tour demonstrated a low input and naturalised approach to stormwater management. Juniper and Yarrabing wetlands, as well as Starlight Reserve, reintroduced soak points in the areas to hold stormwater and rehabilitate the original swampy water- loving native vegetation. The sites have transformed neglected parkland areas representing a flood risk into areas of biological significance and high public value.

Tour leader Caroline Carvalho, Stormwater Coordinator at Knox, embodies the passion, persistence and determination to get all stakeholders working together that is necessary to achieve a regional vision for stormwater management. One of the tour participants commented in their evaluation that Caroline is a ‘fountain of knowledge and passion’ and that it was ‘great to be able to ask questions of such an experience practitioner’.

Clearwater will be running the tour again later this year. You can get in early and secure your spot for November 10.