Join the online water sensitive cities community of practice

The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) is trialling a virtual water sensitive cities community of practice using the Basecamp platform.

The forum provides an online space for WSC practitioners to build their networks and profile, propose ideas, ask questions and share resources. The CRCWSC is moderating this forum as part of its adoption activities, to ensure it remains active and relevant.

The forum fills the need for a national community of practice to support the ongoing use and application of WSC knowledge and outputs. It allows users to tap into WSC networks no matter where they are located.

Initially, the forum was being trialled with the CRCWSC's Victorian partners, but it is quickly gaining broader interest. It isn’t a direct response to COVID-19 restrictions forcing most Australians into a digital work environment, but its creation is timely for connecting people during these unprecedented times. 

More than 150 members have already signed up to the forum and new members are always welcome.If you’re in Victoria and would like to join the general water sensitive cities discussion forum, simply follow this link

Contact with any issues or questions.