Melbourne's first resilience strategy

Melbourne’s first resilience strategy (Resilient Melbourne Strategy) was endorsed by the City of Melbourne’s Future Melbourne Committee on 17 May 2016​​. It is the culmination of work by people from across sectors, council boundaries and community groups, coming together to consider a shared challenge: what can we do to protect and improve the lives of Melburnians, now and in the future?

Developed with the support of 100 Resilient Cities – a project pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation​ – the strategy sets out a series of distinct, yet connected, actions that will help make Melbourne a viable, sustainable, liveable and prosperous city, today and long into the future.

The strategy’s four action areas are:

  • Adapt – reduce our exposure to future shocks and stresses
  • Survive – withstand disruptions and bounce back better than before
  • Thrive – significantly improve people’s quality of life
  • Embed – build resilience thinking into our institutions and ways of working

Download the Resilient Melbourne Strategy (PDF)