Melbourne's new Integrated Climate Adaptation Model

The City of Melbourne has developed an innovative tool that will allow them to predict the impact of extreme climate events in the municipality and prepare for them through investments in smart infrastructure. Knowing where and when flash flooding is likely to occur for example, means that the City can now develop their stormwater harvesting network to function for flood management as well as drought.

The Integrated Climate Adaptation Model (ICAM) was developed with input from some of Australia’s leading climate scientists, hydrologists, IT specialists, spatial scientists and engineers. The $590,000 project was co-funded by Melbourne Water, the Victorian Government and the City of Melbourne.  

The model will be used to inform and drive the development of the City of Melbourne’s new Climate Adaption Strategy which was first developed in 2007 and will be updated in 2016. The tool is currently only available to the municipality, but the City plans to develop the model further for public use once the new adaptation strategy has been developed and endorsed. 

For more information, visit the C40 Cities website.