Moreland City Council launches streetscape WSUD raingarden and tree pit design package

A fantastic initiative recently launched by Moreland City Council is the streetscape WSUD raingarden and tree pit design package. The package has been developed to improve the standard and consistency of streetscape raingardens and tree pits being designed and constructed within Moreland.

GHD prepared the package, which sets out a design procedure for streetscape WSUD projects, and then focuses on the individual elements required to create functional and attractive designs. It defines options for each of the individual components that users can select to create a final design and produce a full specification.

The package supplements Council's Integrated Water Management Plan, and is just one of many sustainable water initiatives being undertaken by Moreland City Council.

In addition to use within Moreland, the package has been made publically available for free in a modifiable form, which enables other Councils or consultants to tailor the package to their specific water sensitive urban design (WSUD) situation. As many of the principles of the package may be universally applied, Moreland and GHD hope that distribution of the package will also assist improving other Victorian, Australian and worldwide WSUD projects.

Visit Moreland City Council website for more information and how to use the package.