New Melbourne Water Design Guide for Development Services Schemes

Melbourne Water is currently developing a design guide to provide information for Melbourne’s development industry on the design, construction and establishment of bioretention systems in Melbourne Water Development Services Schemes.  This guide will cover situations where no Council specific requirements exist for these systems. Where Council requirements exist, these requirements will be applicable unless otherwise directed by Council. The guide will include reference to Water By Design sketch design ideas document from 2014. This is a great inspiration for innovative design solutions.

The main audience for the guide will be  designers, contractors, landscapers, assessors and owners of WSUD located in Melbourne Water Development Services Schemes, including Melbourne Water, growth area Councils, land development engineers, landscape architects, and Greenfield developers.

Melbourne Water developed the guide with input from select expert peer reviewers, and will be consulting growth councils, ALDE, UDIA, AILA, VPA from late May to early June with the target of completing the document by the end of June. If you are a relevant stakeholder not part of the above listed associations  and wish to give input to the review document please email