The Victorian Government’s final Plan Melbourne, was recently released, and together with the regional growth plans sets a vision for Victoria. Plan Melbourne is a metropolitan planning strategy which will guide Melbourne’s growth until 2050.

In this final version it is refined with improved clarity around its concept and policies. It is divided into seven outcomes and objectives which are supported by a range of directions.

Environment and Water - Chaper 5 is one such objective that is underpinned by eight directions which acknowledge that to create a sustainable city, management of water, energy and waste needs to improve. Both the planning and managing of the natural, and resilience of the built environment, will require innovative approaches with the following objectives outlined:

  • creating more compact cities
  • making better use of transport infrastructure
  • greening metropolitan areas
  • creating more open space
  • reforming energy and water supply and use
  • conserving biodiversity
  • improving building design
  • encouraging active forms of transport, such as walking and cycling.

Who will drive the implementation of Plan Melbourne?
The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure will make it happen, in addition to the Metropolitan Planning Authority.

Want to learn more?

  • Visit the Plan Melbourne website 
  • Download Fact Sheets - a set of information sheets that outline the elements of Plan Melbourne
  • View Plan Melbourne 360 - provides a panoramic view of metropolitan Melbourne displaying some of the initiatives and actions of the Strategy