Protecting Dobson's Creek project underway

Knox City Council in partnership with Melbourne Water have begun construction of the Wicks Reserve bio- infiltration project, the largest bio-filtration basin of its kind in an effort to protect Dobsons Creek.  Dobsons Creek is identified as the highest value catchment within Knox City Council as less than two percent of the catchment contains urbanised areas that have formal stormwater drainage directly flowing into the creek. 

The construction of a bio infiltration basin will intercept flows coming from the urbanised catchment treating excess stormwater and providing a source of infiltration back into the catchment.  This will help protect Dobsons creek from impacts of stormwater by reducing the frequency and rate of runoff entering the creek back to natural pre development levels.  Whilst construction of the bio-infiltration project is aimed at improving the health of Dobson’s creek, other benefits will include habitat for biodiversity, enahanced community amenity and educational opportunities.  Visit Knox City Council's website for more information.