RMIT leading the way for a cleaner and greener future


RMIT in Melbourne will invest $98 million in a massive sustainability project to boost the energy and water efficiency of 90 campus buildings and cut greenhouse gas emissions in what it hopes to be a signature project to prove that cities can be more sustainable.

The RMIT Sustainable Urban Precincts Program will reduce electricity use over eight years by an estimated 239 million kilowatts, leading to a 30,000-tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Water use will be cut by an estimated 68 million litres. 

RMIT will fund the entire project, but is receiving a repayable no-interest advance from the Victorian government of $27m. Under the contract, Honeywell and Siemens (energy partners) have guarenteed that RMIT will make back that $27m in energy and water savings over the next eight years.

The project is due to be fully installed be the end of 2016.

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