Securing our water supply

Water security is a current and topical issue for Melbourne. Our water storage levels are at their lowest levels since just after the Millennium Drought in 2011. The ongoing challenges of climate change and population growth are putting significant pressures on our water supply. 

Melbourne Water and water retail companies are working hard with industry and government to implement initiatives to secure our water supply into the future. Melbourne Water has prepared this excellent 2 minute video clip addressing the key elements of our water security.

An important part of the messaging is normalising / encouraging the use of stormwater and recycled water in a time of reduced rainfall. For future planning it is important that stormwater harvesting and recycled water projects receive the same focus and priority as they did during the Millennium Drought. As the pressures on water pricing increase payback modelling for new projects will look more attractive.

For those who want to contribute to the discussion on service standards and water pricing Melbourne Water invites stakeholders and the community to comment on the Price Submisison which will be submitted to the Essential Services Commission early next year.