Smart stormwater management case studies from across Australia


This article in Australian Water’s Water Source Magazine explores four innovative stormwater management initiatives undertaken by local councils across Australia.

Case studies include:

  • Ipswich Council in Queensland project which is transforming a 1.6km concrete drain into a living waterway with native vegetation, pools and shallow running water. The Small Creek project will help improve water quality, reduce erosion and support biodiversity.
  • A South Australian water project which captures groundwater and stormwater and treats it through a network of more than 50 wetlands. Treated water is then stored in an underground aquifer and where it becomes a distribution point to supply non potable water to Salisbury Water customers.
  • City of Port Phillip in Melbourne has completed the Alma Park Stormwater Harvesting system to capture, treat and store up to 18 mega litres of stormwater. Treated water is used to irrigate the sports field and nearby parks which will improve amenity and liveability.
  • City of Sydney and Sydney Water Project to remove flood risk and convey stormwater to a local water recycling plant for treatment and then used by thousands of residents in the Green Square town Centre. The project uses water resources to reduce demand on drinking water, minimise flood risk, improve water quality and enable development.

Read the case studies in February Water Source Magazine.