Spreading the WSUD word in regional and rural Victoria

Anna Jennings / Clearwater

Anna Jennings has been with Clearwater for four months in the role of Regional Stormwater Policy Advisor. She has been covering a bit of distance, travelling across Victoria to visit regional and rural councils. Anna is capturing council’s experiences with the implementation of Clause 56.07 of the Victorian Planning Provisions and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). Anna has also used these visits to identify and scope out the best ways to provide support to councils. 

This year Anna will be delivering a number of tailored initiatives in partnerships with regional and rural councils and new and established regional networks. The focus of these initiatives will be on building their capacity in integrated water management. Some will be focused on raising awareness in the local development community; others will be focused on workshops with council staff. She will also be continuing her visits to other councils in the Region. 

To provide further tailored support, Anna will be developing a number of tools including new regional and rural WSUD case studies, quick reference guides for WSUD systems and a Clause 56 interactive toolkit. Watch out for these on Clearwater’s website soon. 

Contact Anna if you would like to find out more.
email: Anna Jennings
phone: 03 9235 1445