Steps for adopting strategic planning for recycled water

A recent article in Australian Government News article recommends 6 key steps for adopting strategic planning for recycled water.

'After obtaining organisational commitment to a strategic recycled water direction, a clear set of staged activities should be undertaken:  

  • Identify and engage regulatory stakeholders including environment and health authorities
  • Identify and engage your consumer stakeholders including landowners
  • Develop options based on current and potential operational performance, as well as the potential for demand for recycled water
  • Initiate feasibility assessment with a water specialist who will assess the practicalities of the options
  • Identify suitable water uses and any additional requirements to make recycled water use more viable.
  • Include the options for recycled water innovation in demand management plans, integrated water cycle management plans and master plans.

The approach is simple when followed, and under the guidance of a specialist water expert at the initial scoping stages cost savings and efficiencies can be maximised, within regulatory frameworks, over the lifecycle of the scheme.'

You can access full article by Karen Pither in Government News