Stormwater and greywater technologies survey

Rebekah Henry / CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

The CRC for Water Senstive Cities is seeking input from water professionals working on stormwater and greywater systems.

The survey will form a key part of a review that aims to identify and understand benefits and limitations of existing fit-for-purpose water technologies in Australia. The survey will also be used to identify specific stormwater and greywater systems which are currently performing or under-performing based on their design specifications to be used as case studies for further evaluation.

In the survey you will be asked to provide information relating to a specific stormwater and/or greywater system that you know. Participants are also invited to provide feedback and information on multiple systems if they so choose.

The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete for one system and cover topics such as:

  • Identification of the stormwater/greywater system (where is it?)
  • Details on water sources and end uses (if any)
  • Basic information on the treatment technology applied and its performance
  • Your opinion on possible benefits (for you, for your community, for the environment, etc.) of the stormwater/greywater system.

Answers will be anonymous but participants will be able to provide contact details if they would like to provide further information on the specific water scheme that you have described throughout the survey.

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Survey closes 10 August 2015.