Stormwater Harvesting Survey

Department of Health / Clearwater

Clearwater has teamed up with the Department of Health to better understand your needs and experiences with stormwater harvesting projects.

The survey provides an opportunity for anyone who has completed a stormwater harvesting project in Victoria to share their experiences.  We want to hear about;

  • the treatment and end use of the harvested stormwater
  • useful tools and resources
  • enablers and challengers faced along the way 

Results from this survey will inform a number of initiatives including;

  • The Victorian Department of Health's Review of the regulatory framework for alternative water supplies
  • in Victoria.
  • Work being undertaken as part of the Government's Living Victoria program.
  • Initiatives carried out by Clearwater in the creation of tools, sharing of resources and case studies as well as training and tour opportunities.

This survey will help provide an accurate knowledge base to better inform the decision making process as well as inform the development of a more effective stormwater framework. No participants will be identified in the public communication of this work.

The survey should take approximately 1/2 hour to complete.  By completing the survey and providing your details, you will be in the draw to win 1 x participant voucher to attend one Clearwater tour of your choice.   The winner will be notified after the survey closes on Friday 5 October.  

For those wanting to submit more than one project, please contact Helen who will provide you with a seperate speadsheet.

Start the survey