Stormwater Water Quality Management Needs Analysis complete

Clearwater / Melbourne Water Stormwater Quality

In December last year we reported that Melbourne Water Stormwater Quality team was commencing a Needs Analysis. The Analysis assessed the capacity of council’s to sustainably manage stormwater against a 2006/07 benchmark.  The Needs Analysis for 36 councils is now complete. An encouraging result is that 83% of councils believe their capacity to manage stormwater quality has improved since 2006/07.

The Stormwater Quality team are using these results to prioritise actions and funding requirements for 2011/12. Clearwater and Living Rivers are working together to develop a program to increase capacity in the areas requiring support. The program includes; WSUD commitment, policy and planning, knowledge and resources and interdepartmental collaboration.

Participating councils are currently receiving their reports and will be working with Melbourne Water and Clearwater to enhance their stormwater programs.

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