Sustainable Living Festival 2014


Australia’s largest sustainability festival is underway from the 7th to 23rd of February, celebrating sustainability in Melbourne and across Victoria. This year’s Sustainable Living Festival features a number of free events that focus on sustainable water management, listed below. To view the full program, visit

Installing rainwater downpipe diverters - 12th February
Learn how to install a rainwater downpipe diverter and receive a diverter for your home or school.                    

Water conservation - 12th February 
Heide gardener James Dodds will speak about water conservation techniques for your garden

Birrarung Marr water harvesting tour - 14th February                  
Take a tour of the newly constructed stormwater harvesting system and learn about the City of Melbourne's approach to whole-of-water-cycle thinking

Living Landscapes: Green Infrastructure - 14th February
Join a panel discussion about the diversity of Green Infrastructure approaches in Victoria and the vision for resilient living landscapes

Raingardens – How they work - 15th February
Discover the benefits of raingardens and help to build a test model

Poo Power: Keeping waterways clean - 16th February
See a dog waste biogas generator used to light our parks, keeping waste out of our waterways   

Our Rivers, Our Lifeblood - 16th February
Marathon swimmer Tammy van Wise examines the issues facing our rivers and ways to protect their health

Cultural Flows: Water and Culture - 21st February 
Two short documentaries explore two Indigenous communities' deep connections to the waterways in their country

Western Treatment Plant Tour - 22nd February
Learn first hand how the treatment plant works and visit the RAMSAR wetlands

Watershed: Future of the world’s great rivers - 23rd February 
Watch a film about the threats to the Colorado river and solutions to protect the world's great rivers

Sustainable building 60L tours - 11th to 21st  February
Take a tour of one of Melbourne's great sustainable buildings