The New Version Of The MUSIC Modelling Guidelines! / Clearwater

Melbourne Water have released a new version of their MUSIC Modelling Guideline with updates covering information gaps and advancements in both science and industry since the last edition. Stormwater Victoria and Clearwater are bringing you a webinar to hear about the changes.

Attend this webinar to hear Melbourne Water and consultants E2Designlab share what has changed in this update and why, including a Q&A.

Our presenters include:

Dr Dale Browne – E2Designlab

Dale is an expert in the modelling and design of water sensitive urban design systems.  His experience is extensive across both the development and application of practical applied models for stormwater and waterway management.  

Dale is an experienced communicator and has been training the Victorian stormwater industry in the use of MUSIC for many years, combining his enthusiasm for the principles of WSUD with a pragmatic user perspective.

Dale applies his expertise in water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and integrated water management to deliver innovative solutions for managing urban water.  These range from stormwater reuse for households to integrated designs for simultaneous mitigation of flooding, management of hydrology for environmental protection, stormwater treatment and stormwater reuse to improve landscape and recreational amenity.


Olivia Blair-Holt – Melbourne Water

Olivia is an environmental engineer with a background in IWM strategy and design across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

In the stormwater team at Melbourne Water, Olivia is focused on the challenge of translating stormwater research and technical innovations into policy, strategy, and action to protect our waterways.


Event Details

Wed, 01 May, 10:00 am - 11:00 am AEST Online webinar
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Recording of this webinar - available here.