Update on Melbourne Urban Stormwater Institutional Arrangements Review

DELWP, MAV and Melbourne Water held a joint workshop 13 March 2020 to explore potential options for flood and stormwater management. Participants developed considerations and ideas for future arrangements. The workshop outcomes will be developed into potential options which will be thoroughly examined and tested with Councils, Melbourne Water and other stakeholders. 

Next steps:

• The outputs from the workshop will be collated by the Project Working Group for consideration by the Joint Reference Group

• The Joint Reference Group, comprising of representatives from local government, DELWP and Melbourne Water, will consider and refine and short list options for approval by the Project Steering Committee

• A multi-criteria analysis will then be done on the prioritised options. The results will be circulated to the 38 councils, Melbourne Water and DELWP for consultation and submissions will be sought.

• Following an engagement process with stakeholders, the Project Steering Committee will provide recommendations to the respective agencies for endorsement

• Final recommendations will then be presented to the Minister for Water for approval, including any statutory changes that may be proposed


For more information or involvement visit www.water.vic.gov.au/liveable/stormwater-review