Urban stormwater and aquifer recharge project

A new three-year research project has been undertaken by the CSIRO, focussing on assessing stormwater and managed aquifer recharge options.  This research funded through the National Water Commission and the South Australian government aims to advance the use of storm water as an additional water supply source by developing a national science based approach for assessing stormwater and managed aquifer recharge options.

The project will use data and research primarily from sites in Adelaide with additional research drawn from sites in Queensland, Victoria and rural South Australia.  Key aspects associated with stormwater and managed aquifer recharge use that will be addressed through this project include public safety, community perception and cost.

The project links with research conducted through the Cities as Water Supply Catchments research project being led by the Monash University Centre for Water Sensitive Cities.  The Cities as Catchments project focuses on the benefits and safe reuse of stormwater through a range of non-MAR stormwater harvesting approaches.

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