Waterways of the West Action Plan brings stronger protection to waterways

Victorian government

In December 2021 the Victorian government released the Waterways of the West Action Plan, a five-year plan that responds to the recommendations from the Waterways of the West Ministerial Advisory Committee and the Waterways of the West Community Vision.

The plan identifies nine directions and 40 actions with short-term actions to deliver results within the first year of implementation and longer-term actions to deliver within five years.

The waterways of the west includes the whole network of creeks and rivers including the Maribyrnong River, Jacksons Creek, Kororoit Creek, Skeleton Creek, Stony Creek and Werribee River and goes through all the inner west and further out from Ballan through to Lancefield.

The plan will drive enduring protection for waterways and their parklands by addressing waterway pollution, waterway amenity and stronger land use planning and development controls and standards to guard against inappropriate development.

The plan aims to improve waterway amenity to meet community expectations, better protection of the region’s wetland values, identifying opportunities to meet environmental and cultural water needs, protect the waterways from pollution, Increase community connection, education and participation and ensure accountability and transparency for action plan delivery.