Yarra Valley Water Recycling Plant to provide 2.5 million litres of water weekly

Yarra Valley Water is moving into a detailed design phase with the Doncaster Hill Water Recycling project.  The water recycling plant will provide Class A recycled water for gardening, flushing toilets and washing cars to over 5,000 properties in Doncaster Hill. The project will also supply drought proof water for irrigation of local sports grounds and parks. The recycling of this water will avoid the use of 2.5 million litres of drinking water every week.

The scoping for the project began in 2017 after an Independent Panel undertook community consultation for Yarra Valley Water to seek public feedback about five possible sites for a water recycling facility. After the final stage of community consultation in early 2020 identified the Tram Road Reserve site in Doncaster (next to the Eastern Freeway) was identified as a suitable site.