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Welcome to a quick update from the Clearwater team on our regional program.

Our Regional Program Coordinator, Charlotte Beresford is gradually making her way around Victoria having already visited a number of water corporations and local governments in the Barwon, Central Highlands and South West regions. She is steadily making plans for Grampians, Goulburn, and the North East before entering the Gippsland region. If you haven’t yet heard from Charlotte but want to know more or to be involved, please contact Charlotte.

Our regional priorities for the coming months will be to build a shared understanding of Integrated Water Management (IWM) across the region and to demonstrate why IWM can provide value to your stakeholders and decision makers. To achieve this a range of practical tools will be developed and made available to you:

  • Outcome based factsheets that will outline some of the tangible benefits of IWM 
  • Regional case studies that will share information on the process/catalyst behind delivering integrated outcomes, positive policy changes, lessons learned and great on-ground outcomes.

All of our case studies will be developed in partnership with regional stakeholders. If you have any ideas, get in touch and we’ll work with you to capture the information and build a case study that can be shared online.

Last but not least, we’re working hard to announce the start of our regional events!

More information will be released in our Victoria-wide e-newsletter. What this means is that future correspondence relating to regional program will now be included in our Victoria wide e-newsletter; providing you with the latest updates on the regional program as well as information on state-wide news, events and resources.

Keep an eye out for our next  e-newsletter edition!

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