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Happy New Year! Welcome to the first update from the Clearwater team for 2013.  In this edition we launch our new 6 month training and events calendar. It's shaping up to be a busy 6 months. 
We have designed two WSUD City Walking Tours as part of the 8th Victorian Flood Conference and launched a brand new Integrated Water Management tour venturing to the City of Geelong.  We are also developing two new maintenance-focused courses, and back by popular demand is our Hot Topics series to be delivered in March/April. 
There are also a number of industry events approaching, including 'Traumatic Landscapes - Floods' event held on the 31st of this month.
As an inspiring start to 2013, we thought we would share a fantastic video to help you visualise what we are all working towards: a Water Sensitive City.
training and events
Wednesday 13 February -
Friday 15 February
WSUD City Walking Tours - new!
Thursday 28 FebruaryGrowth Area WSUD Tour
Wednesday 27 MarchGeelong Integrated Water Management Tour - new!
Thursday 2 MayWSUD: Stormwater management principles & practices - new!
Wednesday 5 JuneStormwater Harvesting: Concept & Design
 Upcoming industry events
11 JanuaryNew Clearwater courses in the pipeline
video resource
9 January 2013Take a fly through a Water Sensitive City
training and events
WSUD City Walking Tours
Wednesday 13 February 2013 - Friday 15 February 2013

Clearwater is excited to be delivering three WSUD City Tours designed for the 8th Victorian Flood Conference. The tours will showcase a number of innovative integrated water management technologies throughout the City of Melbourne.

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Growth Area WSUD Tour
Thursday 28 February 2013

Clearwater's Growth Area WSUD tour travels to Hume City Council and The City of Whittlesea. The tour will include site visits to biofilters and wetlands in new housing estates, visits to council owned WSUD assets and town centre renewal projects incorporating WSUD and stormwater harvesting.

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Geelong Integrated Water Management Tour
Wednesday 27 March 2013

Clearwater's latest tour showcases a number of exciting Integrated Water Management projects that have been undertaken in the City of Greater Geelong. The tour will include visits to two stormwater harvesting sites that highlight two different approaches; one in a high profile sporting stadium and the second for a valued community asset. The tour will also visit one of the largest growth areas in Victoria where an integrated approach has been taken to water supply, treatment and habitat creation and enhancement.

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WSUD: Stormwater management principles & practices
Thursday 2 May 2013

This one day training course will introduce you to the concepts of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and water sensitive cities, focusing on the WSUD approach to stormwater management. The session will cover the principles of stormwater management, focusing on how to set targets to allow for water conservation as well as flow and water quality management. It will emphasise basic principles of water quality treatment and flow management to guide selection and design of treatment systems. Design considerations, treatment performance and operation and maintenance will be discussed for a wide range of treatment systems.

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Stormwater Harvesting: Concept & Design
Wednesday 5 June 2013

This one day training course, developed in partnership with Monash Water for Liveability, will introduce you with the concepts required to design an effective stormwater harvesting project. The workshop will feature insights into stormwater harvesting guidelines, latest research on the performance of stormwater treatment technologies, conceptual design and costs associated with stormwater harvesting systems. The course will include practical design exercises to develop the conceptual design of a stormwater harvesting system for a (i) greenfield and (ii) retrofit situation.

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industry events
Thursday 31 JanuaryTraumatic Landscapes - Floods (AILA/SV Event)
Wednesday 13 February -
Friday 15 February
8th Victorian Flood Conference
Tuesday 5 March -
Thursday 7 March
AWA Water Education, Water Efficiency & Water Skills National Conference
Tuesday 7 May -
Thursday 9 May
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