Everyone in Ballarat is a stakeholder. Everyone has an opinion about the lake and loves the lake.

Regional IWM community engagement Lake Wendouree

City of Ballarat

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Project Overview

The City of Ballarat has begun developing a new Master Plan for Lake Wendouree -  an artificially created waterbody that is naturally fed by stormwater from the surrounding urban catchment. The Lake is a valuable open space asset for the community and supports a broad range of recreational persuits.

The Master Plan is being developed in three stages with community consultation and feedback being a critical component of the project.

Key Messages

  • Engage with the community before developing an IWM plan to understand community values.
  • Gather feedback in a variety of formats to maximise the reach of engagement.
  • Maintain transparency and credibility in decision-making by appointing an expert panel or independent organisation to review community feedback and make recommendations.
  • Take a flexible approach by evaluating and adapting the engagement process to suit local community needs.


City of Ballarat

Project Cost

The Lake Wendouree Master Plan will be developed for less than $100,000 given that all community consultation is being undertaken by Council and the overall project is being managed by Council, with consultant input only as required.


The development of the Master Plan is expected to take 12 months.


Adam Parrott | Senior Landscape Architect, City of Ballarat | PO Box 655, Ballarat, Victoria, 3353
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