RiverConnect has been pivotal in the growing appreciation of the significance of the river environments.

RiverConnect Community Program

Greater Shepparton City Council

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Project Overview

RiverConnect is a partnership program between land management agencies, stakeholders and community. It is a network that includes many partners who use, manage, or are responsible for, the river environment. The creation of RiverConnect was driven by the desire to develop a strong sense of belonging and connection to the local rivers and a more cohesive approach to river management. RiverConnect aspires to see the Goulburn and Broken River environments recognised as the life and soul of river communities.

Key messages:

  • For over 10 years, RiverConnect has led initiatives that help the community connect with nature and recognise the recreational, environmental and cultural value of rivers.
  • The Goulburn and Broken Rivers supply water critical to sustaining the Goulburn Valley region’s economy, community and way of life.
  • Maintaining availability of supply for agriculture, industry and urban use whilst protecting environmental assets from further degradation requires diligent water management governance.
  • Stormwater runoff from urban areas, particularly litter and sediment, negatively impacts the Broken and Goulburn Rivers and downstream users.


Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, Greater Shepparton City Council, Implementation Advisory Committee

Project Cost



2011 Implementation of the first RiverConnect Strategic Plan

2017 Renewed RiverConnect Strategic Plan