How to guide: Planning a green-blue city



A how-to guide for planning urban greening and enhanced stormwater management in Victoria.

This how-to guide has been developed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) to assist cities and towns in planning for increased presence and effectiveness of green-blue infrastructure in their urban areas. It is designed to assist councils and their partners in:

  • Developing a robust and locally tailored evidence base for green-blue
    infrastructure opportunities
  • Identifying green-blue infrastructure opportunities at all scales
  • Reviewing opportunities for greatest benefit and value
  • Allocating priority projects and key actions
  • Identifying delivery pathways and funding mechanisms

The guide will assist councils in developing the core components of a green-blue infrastructure action plan that will inform and drive council-led initiatives.

Who should use this guide

This guide has been developed for the use of local government, in particular for the councils of cities and towns in Victoria. Within the council, involvement will be required from a range of stakeholders with varying skills and responsibilities, including:

  • Planning
  • Environment
  • Landscape
  • Engineering
  • Roads and transport
  • Operations
  • Communications
  • Economic development
  • Asset management.