Moreland's streetscape WSUD raingarden and tree pit design package

Moreland City Council/GHD


Update August 2015 - New planting palette
Moreland City Council has released a new planting palette to go with the existing Moreland WSUD raingarden and tree pit design package. It builds upon the original version and now includes an additional six pages of suitable species for bioretention filter systems, a maintenance report for the vegetation, suggested groupings of species and an example of a landscape planting plan and plant schedule.

Download the new planting palette (PDF 1Mb)

Developed by GHD and Moreland City Council in 2013, this award winning package has been designed to improve the standard and consistency of streetscape WSUD raingarden and tree pit designs being implemented across Moreland and the entire WSUD industry.

Package elements
The package provides a suite of design elements and standard drawings to assist in the efficient design and successful implementation of raingardens and tree pit projects. The package guides the user through the process of designing raingardens and, by providing key design elements, allows the user to produce a tailored raingarden or tree pit design.

The package consists of:

  • Introduction providing contextual information
  • Design procedure summary
  • Illustrated catalogue of raingarden elements
  • Supplementary information
  • Construction cost estimate, maintenance cost estimate and safety codes and guidelines
  • Library of AutoCAD details
  • Construction specification template
  • Design basis memorandum template, and
  • Maintenance checklist template.

The package and its associated components are freely available, in full modifiable form from Moreland City Council's website.


This package is a 2013 Award Finalist in the category of Policy and Education at the Stormwater Victoria Excellence Awards.