WSUD Fact Sheets


New WAter Ways, Western Australia have created a range of WSUD factsheets to assist practitioners with understanding the main benefits, design criteria and factors for different WSUD asset types, including:

  • Biofilters
  • Carpark Retrofit
  • Dry or Ephemeral Detention Areas
  • Industrial & Commercial Water Management
  • Infill Stormwater Quantity Management in Stratamulti Dwelling Developments
  • Infiltration Basins and Trenches
  • Litter and Sediment Traps
  • Living Streams
  • Maintaining Water Sensitive Urban Design Assets
  • Pervious Paving
  • Rainwater Storage & Reuse Systems
  • Retrofitting
  • Stormwater Design Considerations
  • Swales & Buffer Strips
  • Tree Pits

For more information, and to download PDFs visit the New WAter Ways website.