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Bayside WSUD Compliance Guidelines

Bayside City Council


The purpose of this guideline is to assist planning permit applicants to understand Local Planning Policy – Clause 22.10: Water Sensitive Urban Design (Stormwater Management) in the Bayside Planning Scheme, and to provide advice on the implications of the policy when submitting a planning permit application.

Clause 22.10 – Water Sensitive Urban Design (Stormwater Management) Policy was introduced to Local Planning Policy in the Bayside Planning Scheme in 2009. The policy requires post-construction stormwater run-off should be treated to remove 80% suspended solids, 45% total phosphorous,and 45% total nitrogen of typical urban annual load and maintain discharges for the 1.5 year ARI (Average Recurrence Interval) at predevelopment levels.

The policy applies to all planning permit applications for residential accomodation, construction of a building to be used for commercial, industrial, or mixed-use purposes and subdivision in a business zone.