Growing Green Guide - Victoria's guide to green roofs, walls and facades

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The Growing Green Guide is the first comprehensive guide to green roofs, walls and facades in Victoria. Developed in collaboration with a range of industry experts, the guide details how to design, construct and maintain this type of green infrastructure, and includes a number of Victorian case studies and a summary of some relevant research findings.

Green infrastructure can play an important role in whole of water cycle management, reducing the volume and pollutant loads of stormwater runoff. Green spaces improve the liveability and amenity of urban areas, and improve the health of our waterways.

The Growing Green Guide website features a range of resources, including policy options for councils and other organisations that want to encourage green roofs, walls and facades. There are also feasibility studies, costing information and concept designs developed for possible demonstration sites.

The Growing Green Guide is a collaborative project between the Inner Melbourne Action Plan councils (Yarra, Stonnington, Melbourne and Port Phillip), the State Government of Victoria and the University of Melbourne. The guide has been published using a creative commons licence, so the content can be updated as the industry grows.