Melbourne Water Constructed Waterway Design Manual

Melbourne Water


Melbourne Water’s new Constructed Waterways Design Manual is aimed at facilitating the consistent delivery of best practice constructed waterways. It brings together engineering, geomorphology, ecology, flood management and liveability elements in a comprehensive resource for waterway and sub-division engineers, landscape architects, urban designers and ecologists.

The intended outcome of the Manual is improved customer experience for those working with Melbourne Water during the design, construction, and establishment phases of constructed waterways and wetlands.

Any waterway projects that have had design plans already accepted by Melbourne Water will not need to be updated to comply with the new standards. However, if there are individual elements within the design that can be amended without adversely affecting the delivery of the asset, the direction to do so will be made only following a discussion between the consultant and the Melbourne Water project officer.

Project specific enquiries should be directed to the relevant project officer. For queries related to the use of the design manual, please contact Penny Rogers.