Water for Victoria


This state-wide water plan, launched by the Victorian Government on Wednesday 19 October 2016, provides a new framework to guide integrated water management (IWM) and explore alternative water sources – including recycled water and stormwater – to create more liveable and resilient communities, amongst other objectives. 

Key new elements in the State Water Plan include:

  • Focus on customer needs and creation of next generation of leaders
  • Strengthening of water planning regulations and consideration of the recreational values of water sources
  • Largest long term investment in healthy waterways and catchments ($222M)
  • Net zero emissions in the water sector by 2050
  • Water corporations to have a role to support regional development and change
  • Plan for water in agriculture across the State – south, north, east and west
  • Embracing the water grid and markets – using it, building on it, planning with it
  • Recognition of Aboriginal values for water, including a roadmap to improve environmental health