Water Sensitive Urban Design Guidelines (South Eastern Councils)

Melbourne Water


The purpose of the guidelines is to inform developers and consultants of councils expectations for WSUD assets within their municipality. The guidelines provide information on approvals process, design considerations, suitability of WSUD types in different conditions and considerations for construction, protection, maintenance and handover of WSUD assets.

These guidelines should provide a greater consistency in council requirements for developments both within and across council boundaries. A regional workshop was held with nine councils to inform the content for the main guidelines, in addition to council interviews, which guided the development of Addendum documents that outline each councils' specific requirements.

The guidelines should be used in conjunction with the existing planning framework, and are applicable to various types of developments including residential, commercial and industrial. It is hoped that these guidelines will also assist council planners when assessing development plans and ensuring compliance with Clause 56.

These guidelines have been developed by the Melbourne Water Stormwater team and Councils in the South East Region. They replace the 2009 WSUD (South East Growth Councils) guidelines.