WSUD Audit Guildelines

Melbourne Water


The WSUD Audit Guidelines are now available for use and review by industry.
The guidelines will assist Councils and authorities in their efforts to audit and effectively maintain WSUD assets. The guidelines have been prepared by E2Designlab as part of a Stormwater Victoria and Melbourne Water partnership.

The guideline describes how to undertake audits of WSUD assets to determine their condition and identify maintenance and renewal requirements. It also sets out the context within which audits occur. The guideline describes the following:

Why WSUD asset management and audits are important
How to undertaken a WSUD asset audit
Templates and items to be audited
Guidance on interpreting audit outcomes, identifying and prioritising maintenance activities
Common maintenance activities
Guidance on developing an asset management framework for WSUD assets
Guidance for budgeting of maintenance and renewal works

The Audit Guidelines can be accessed and downloaded here